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ALOVA’s expertise is based on a thirty years’ tradition.

ALOVA SA was established in 2013. ALOVA’s expertise is based on a thirty years’ tradition, since when its founders compounded cosmetics in the laboratory of their phamacy. Today the scientific research and development team of ALOVA is made up of cosmetologists, pharmacists and chemists who have faithfully served the field of health and beauty for many years. We check the action and the efficacy of the products with in vivo and in nitro clinical studies, in collaboration with university institutes. Clinical studies are also conducted in the final process, in close cooperation with Research Institutes. The main activities of the Company are the development and marketing in Greece and abroad of facial, body and hair care products, cosmetics, makeup, baby cosmetics and pregnancy products. The brand names of the Company's products are VITAMIN + PLUS and FORMULA (PL). The company has the exclusive representation and distribution in Greece of the MESAUDA MILANO Professional Makeup line from Italy. It also represents and distributes exclusively the BEBBLE infant and baby line, the MATERNEA pregnancy line and the FOOTPRIM pedicure series of Lavena.

in vivo and in nitro clinical studies

This is both a goal and a commitment for us.

In search of timeless beauty, ALOVA with Vitamin+Plus creates technologically advanced skincare products for face, body and hair.

This is both a goal and a commitment for us.

The commitment of Vitamin+Plus is to provide you with highly effective herbal products,formulas that naturally stimulate skin metabolism and visibly slow down the ravages of time.

The main instigators and creators of Vitaminplus

The main instigators and creators of Vitaminplus, the pharmacist and cosmetologist Valina Stefanidou and Lazaros Andreadakis, are in charge of the formation and establishment of the brand while they are participating in the Research and Development of innovative cosmetics formulas, in cooperation with Greek research centres.

Bringing the harmony between well-being and external beauty

Formulas with high natural ingredients




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