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Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Unsurpassed charm of the natural wealth of Greece!

Herbal extracts and fruits of Greek nature

Vitamin + Plus has a greek 'flavor' and 'color'!

Vitamin+Plus is a synonym of classical Greek beauty.

It is a cosmetic series that was inspired by the sea blue, the islands, the sun and history that fueled art and science.

Vitamin + Plus has a greek 'flavor' and 'color'!

Its innovative formulas are based on herbal extracts and fruits of Greek nature,using the most effective active ingredients for your skin .They combine ideal organic extracts, bee products of high biological value and essential oils to offer maximum possible results.

For Vitaminplus, packaging design and aesthetics are of major importance.

Our aim is to create a cosmetics series which is different from all the others, has unique aesthetics and is a challenge for both its creators and those who will obtain it.

The well-known architect Konstantinos Stefanidis, who specialises in industrial and packaging design, is responsible for the designing. The line of Greece, which is predominant in all our packages, incorporates famous Greek places in an absolutely minimal way. In this way, Vitaminplus wants every country to see the beauties of our country, combining the timeless greek beauty with the inexhaustible vegetable resources, the alluring sun and the fachinating greek colours.

Ideal organic extracts

Products of high biological value.




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